xiao pspsppssppsps

Natsushi · she/they
Early 20s · 12.11
ENG OK + 日本語勉強中
Sagittarius ☼ + Scorpio ☽ + Virgo ↑

(twt) main acc: @yamatonikaidos
(twt) genshin alt: @kazuhakaedehara
i make ok looking gifs sometimes too

This carrd was last updated
on Jan 18, 2022.

no, my usernames arent for trade or sale
stop asking <3

xiao pspsppssppsps

ㅤFavorite Charactersㅤ
Xiao, Kazuha, Venti,
Nameless Bard, Abyss Twin

ㅤFavorite Shipsㅤ
XiaoLumi ♡ JeanEula, VenAe, VenKazu, DainAbyssTwin, KaeBedo, ZhongGui

ㅤOther Interestsㅤ
IDOLiSH7, Mafumafu (Utaite), Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku, A3!, seiyuus, various animanga and mobages, etc.

xiao pspsppssppsps

xiao pspsppssppsps

Main: NA Server // AR 57 UID 619138427
Alt: Asia Server // like. AR 19 UID 835499506
I don't have an EU or CN account sorry

I've been playing since January 18, 2021!! I'm a C1 Xiao and Kazuha main! Both are tripled crowned Level 90. Xiao is my top favorite though so, he's more built lmao

I'm like... a selective dolphin where I only spend money if it's Xiao or Kazuha related. In other words, I have spent money on the game but because I don't do it often- I consider myself F2P.

I only spend money on my NA account, Asia is completely F2P because I do not care about it <3

Co-op Friendly 👍 I don't mind helping lower AR players or giving other players resources from my world if they can join my current WL just give me the heads up first^^

I have a habit of automatically rejecting friend requests if I don't recognize the username. Therefore, please tell me beforehand if you plan on adding me or joining my world. 💦

xiao pspsppssppsps

xiao pspsppssppsps

xiao pspsppssppsps

ㅤDon't Follow If...ㅤ

◈ You fit the standard DFI criteria
(racist, anti-lgbtq+, aphobic, ableist, etc.)

◈ You're a fiction-kin / use kin names / into real-people-fiction or the kind of person to send death threats (even as a joke)

DNI if you do or condone targeted harassment. Don't involve me in proship/anti discourse, you will be blocked.

◈ I prefer mutuals/followers to be over 18 for the maturity factor, but it's not really a huge deal //shrugs

◈ I have a habit of checking my follower list and removing unwanted followers so I technically don't need to write this lmao. Don't take it personally, it's just a vibe check.

ㅤBefore You Followㅤ

◈ This is a Genshin-only account, meaning my tweets will only be Genshin related. Follow my other account instead if you want tweets about my various other interests.

◈ I don't engage with fandom or shipping discourse. Please don't bother me about it or make assumptions about me.

What to expect Spoilers (not tagged), Spam (original and RTs), Swearing, Slang, Keysmashing, Livetweets, Slow Replies, etc. I will only use Tone indicators and Trigger Warnings if it's needed.

◈ SFW with a hint of cursed content, but I do occasionally make text jokes (always tagged) cursed content = shitposting

FUB free, selective followbacks. Softblock to break the mutual. I block liberally. Non-mutuals are free to interact however :D!!

◈ I really like Xiao and I hardcore ship XiaoLumi (and XiaoTraveler in general- but mainly Lumine), this is your Only warning

xiao pspsppssppsps